Pelvic Pain Awareness

by Pam on February 27, 2018

Chronic Persistent Pelvic Pain.

Pamela attending a workshop delivered by Hobart ObsGyne at the RHH on the 24/2/18.

This information was aligned with the her studies in chronic persistent pain over the past few years and she was able to connect with Hobart’s like minded clinicians who are involved with team managing women and young women who have pelvic pain.  Pamela can assist with the biomechanical, musculoskeletal and pain managment components of pelvic pain in these teams.

It is valuable for our clients to be in supportive health care group that are aligned in the contemporary knowledge working with the new paradigms like the BPS model.  Osteopathy has used this approach for over 20 years described in Osteopathic texts, (Greenman, 2000).  Osteopaths can help in this framework.

There are fabulous resources for women who have pelvic pain from conditions like painful periods, endometriosis and other sources of persistent pelvic pain.  Working alongside your upskilled GP, Physiotherapists who work in Women’s health, Psychologists, Gynacologists, Pain Specialists, Incontence Nurses and other health care providers like Osteopaths who are trained and upskilled in contemporary pain management, women have more opportunities to ‘stop the silence’ of this area, pelvic pain.

If you are interested in more information contact the above practice, Pam Dennis, Osteopath Grad Cert in Pain and Pain management.

Or Contact:  Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia Ltd:

Resources are available:



Pelvic Pain Report



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