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Hop And Jump Then Zumba

by Pam on September 21, 2010

If you have had any previous sporting or dance injury get checked out first by your health professional before starting any new type of exercise.  If you can hop comfortably on each leg with good balance and stability and jump high with both legs from a bent knee position without pain you may be ready to get your legs and lower limb into a bit of fun with Zumba.  This is the new (ish) dance exercise craze that is fun and starting up in groups all around the community.   Search for a qualified instructor under Zumba Australia and start having some fun exercise.

If you have upper limb, neck and shoulder pain or previous injury once again this may not be the best place for you to start.  Rehabilitate your old injuries first with a qualified health professional so you can join in a group exercise.

It can be best to get one on one care to start with, such as Osteopathic consultation, examination and treatment or try Pilates with a qualified instructor in a one instructor to three client sessions.  The ratio is safer to help rehabilitation than in big groups of Zumba frenzy fun if you are in pain or have a previous injury.

At best spring is here – longer days, more sun and a great time to get into exercise.  Walking is the best form of exercise that is free and benefits your whole body.  Start walking 30 – 45 mins, three times a week and feel the benefits really fast!