Our Osteopaths

Dr. (Osteopath) Pamela Dennis, B.Sc (Health Sciences), M.H.Sc.(Osteopathic Medicine), Member of Osteopathy Australia, Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences with credit endorsed in Pain and Pain Management, Registered Osteopath.

Osteopathy is my passion in life and it offers a great lifestyle for me as a working mother.  Helping people be comfortable in their body by easing pain and tissue tension is a pleasure to see, which I feel priveledged to have found Osteopathy as my chosen career path.

Pamela graduated with her masters in Osteopathic Medicine in 1999 and has been working in private practice since.  Working initially in a multi- medical practice in Melbourne with musculoskeletal specialist, Dr. Steven Jensen and a great team at the Stanlake Medical Centre.

 I really enjoyed working with this group and learnt alot from Dr. Jensen, his practice  said they would always have me back if I chose to move back to Melbourne.  With young family and loving Hobart, Tasmania, this is not an option for me, but I love visiting Melbourne, friends and shopping.

Pamela keeps up to date with the latest in Musculoskeletal Medicine and has undergone training in Dry Point Needling and is Level 2 Advanced, which is very useful for pain relief of acute and chronic conditions.  More information on Dry Point Needling can be found on GEMt link on our home page.

In March 2012  Pamela upgraded her Level 2 GEMt Advanced Dry Needle training and has now 9.5 years experience with this technique.

My interest in sports medicine has followed through in recent years, to being a board member of Sports Medicine Australia in Hobart for 6 years.  This was great to be at the hub of continuing professional development and work with another great association.

Studying at Otago University in New Zealand, overseas studies online, a Graduate Diploma of Pain and pain Management, completed in 2018 was a highlight to her career.  This has updated Pamela in the latest evidence approach to musculoskeletal, bio-medical, psychological and social framework to the treatment of presenting conditions that Osteopaths see each day.

Principal of the practice and mother of two Pamela is very busy and loves her career as an Osteopath.