• What is an osteopath?

    Yes, there is still alot of people who have never heard of Osteopathy despite it being one of the largest growing health care professions.  Osteopathy has been around for over 130 years and Osteopaths have been in Australia for over 100 years and have 3 training courses at universities on the mainland Australia.

    Osteopaths examine the whole body, using orthopaedic, neurological testing and muscular assessment along with manual medicine which means ‘hands-on’ approach, to help restore normal function and structure in the body.  The aim is to get the body moving in areas of restriction either from poor posture or injury and this could improve your movement and reduce pain.  There is alot more to what we do and we will discuss the risks and benefits in a consultation.

  • What do osteopaths often do?   Most often people attend an osteopath because of pain in their musculoskeletal system (eg body) whether it be the spine (eg back or neck) or muscles through injury or postural strains.  Some people may seek musculoskeletal advice and care after motor vehical accidents or post-surgery.  Even before or after attending your dentist may be helpful with reducing jaw tightness and post dental pain in the jaw.  Osteopaths see people in a consultation for Sports injuries, chronic disease management such as Arthritis and for pain management.


  • Who can come to an osteopath?  Osteopaths can assess and consult with adults, all ages and geriatrics.